Finishing a 2-week vacation out west. Started with Badlands National Park, continuing to Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, Devils Tower, and through beautiful Big Horn National Forest, and finally a week at Yellowstone and my favorite - Grand Teton National Park.

This was our first vacation with our Flex, and if I didn’t love it before I certainly do now. Just eats up highway miles (especially 80 mph South Dakota miles - thank you to that wonderful state!!!) with ease and supreme comfort. Holds a ton of people and stuff (especially with a hitch mounted cargo rack and box) and enough space for the 3 kids to be basically out of arms reach with each other. This is our first car with adaptive cruise control, and I think it helps ease driving fatigue on long journeys. The Ecoboost is a great engine, especially at altitude, and we’ve averaged 26 mpg on the trip - not too bad for the “rolling toaster” (my kids’ nickname for it since the second row sunroofs look like toaster slots, and the car is completely square) that was EPA rated at 22 or 23 mph.


I’m glad we didn’t fly out to Yellowstone/GTNP - we got to see some great country and a few very unexpectedly delightful towns and cities along the way (Madison and Lacrosse, WI, Sioux Falls, SD, and Cody, WY to name a few). Can’t wait to do it again in the future.

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